NEW ALBUM "CORE" RELEASE! - Charted Top 6 on Beatport Techno Top Releases!


Track List
01. Accord
02. Apache
03. North Wind
04. Tied Up
05. Signal
06. Jack
07. Give Me
08. Montreux
09. Buddyroid [Q'hey + Hideo Kobayashi]
10. Cut The Crap
11. Enter [Q'hey + D41 ex.energydai]
12. Wasteland

All tracks written and produced by Masaya Kyuhei, expect "BUDDYROID" written and produced by Masaya Kyuhei and Hideo Kobayashi, "ENTER" written and produced by Masaya Kyuhei and Daisuke Sakata.

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Building on a career thatfs spanned more than two decades, and recognition as one of Tokyofs hardest working and most admired techno pioneers, Q'hey delivers his full length album gCoreh on Japanese label Torque.

With an eye toward the future and roots in electronic musicfs past, the 12 track album illustrates a dedication to intelligent, technologically-advanced, techno music. From hammering warehouse grooves to spaced out ambience, Q'hey expertly melds an array of futuristic sounds, rhythms and textures throughout the release.

Core presents Q'hey through multiple lenses; Intense. Experimental. Energetic. Raw. Making no compromises, Q'hey offers his unique take on underground club music. His dedication to the craft is unmistakable, as heard on past releases with labels such as MB Elektronics, Pornographic Records and his own Moon Age Records. Q'hey has honed his technique through years of experience on the decks, through his hugely popular REBOOT parties, gigs at Tokyofs legendary clubs such as Eleven, and Ageha, and at countless festivals and gigs across Asia and Europe. From the washed out ambience of the opening track gAccordh, through through the rhythmic reprieve offered by gSignal,h to the relentless rhythms of gWasted Landh aficionados of quality techno music will find much to love in this ambitious package. Donft miss it!

CORE Album Preview Teaser

CORE Album Preview




Photo of Ageha, Tokyo 2012
Ageha, Tokyo 2012

Q'hey (Masaya Kyuhei) started DJing in 1989 and ever since has been one of the few key individuals of Japanfs club scene (alongside mainstays Takkyu Ishino, Ken Ishii and Fumiya Tanaka). With a lot of determination, focus, hard work and with the support of loyal fans he has been one of Tokyofs Techno milestones for many years. From club events to massive outdoor music festivals, Q'hey is the artist who always delivers.

In 1995, Q'hey's time was spent producing tracks and introducing his music to the Asian and European clubbers. Around the same time his Tokyo underground techno party was created, REBOOT at Maniac Love. With a solid line-up of DJs and with Q'hey as the main organizer of the monthly party it has been going strong for more than 14 years. Needless to say, the remarkable music quality plus the powerful fan base, is the fuel for this great everlasting party.

In 1998, after a few releases from several prominent labels he started his own label "Moon Age Recordings". This was a time for more hard work and international exposure. In a matter of months his releases were charted on the play lists of big DJs such as Sven Vath and Marco Bailey.

Until now, he released 3 mix CDs "Sound Republic" (KSR) "Reboot #001" (KSR) and "NYSO Vol.1 DJ Q'hey" (Yenzo Music). In 2006 he released the first album from Moon Age Recordings - Q'hey + Reboot "Electric Eye On Me".

Freak Out In EPHis works have been some very unique projects and again delivering many superb re-mixes and productions. These were released by MB Elektronics, Pornographic Recordings, Rhythm Convert, Omega Audio among others. Also some releases from BluFin as Q-Ram in collaboration with Ramon Zenker from Hardfloor.

On a more technical side, he reviews DJ equipment for music magazines such as "Sound & Recordings" and "Sound Designer". With his extensive knowledge of DJ/production equipment, he also got involved in the development of MC-505 and MC-909 for Roland, providing advice and support for Yamaha and Vestax.

Photo of Awakenings, Amsterdam 2009
Awakenings, Amsterdam 2009

Q'hey has been lucky enough to DJ in countries such as Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Holland and Poland. In between long hours in the studio and DJing domestically he is continuing to add some more international gigs to his list.

After the earthquake disaster in Japan, Q'hey established charity project "BPM Japan - Be Positive by Music Japan" and continues working to make donations for the victims by making compilation albums, releases and events.

In 2013, several releases of EP and remixes such as for Jeff Mills' new album "Where Light Ends", Q'hey released album "Core" from Japanese brand new label Torque.
This album got big support and reviews over the world, and higher position of Beatport Techno Top Releases chart.

Sound + Vision

Orbital "Wonky - Q'hey Remix"

Q'hey Live DJ mix at Reboot, Tokyo Nov 9 2012 - Charted Top3 on Beatport Mixes

Q'hey at Fuji Rock Festival '12


Own label

BPM JapanMoon Age RecordingsMoon Age Recordings
BPM Japan


Q-Ram (Q'hey and Ramon Zenker from Hardfloor)
Q'hey + Shin (Q'hey and Shin Nishimura)
Nine Wall Five (Q'hey and Heigo Tani from Co-fusion)


Q'hey "Core" Torque [TRQ A135 / Album / Digital & 12inch]
Q'hey "North Wind" Torque [TRQ 005 / Digital & 12inch]
Q'hey "Freak Out In" MB Elektronics [MBELEK 055 / Digital & 12inch]
Q'hey + Shin "Planetary Alliance" Kasuga Recordings [KASUGA 001 / CD Album]
Q'hey + Reboot "Electric Eye On Me" Moon Age [MAR 010 / CD Album]
Q'hey + Shin "Anti Virus EP" Plus Records[PLT 009 / 12inch]
Q-Ram "Mr. Maguro" BluFin [BF 029 / 12inch]
Q-Ram "Break It Down" BluFin [BF 013 / 12inch]
Q-Ram "Yeke" Bootleg [12inch]
Nine Wall Five "Cascade" Omega Audio [OMEGA AUDIO 011]
Marco Bailey & Q'hey "From Tokyo to Brussels EP" MB Elektronics [ MBELEK 015 / 12inch]
Marco Bailey & Q'hey "Don Quijote" Sublime Records [SBLEP 50 / 12inch]
Q'hey "Face to Phase" Reel Musiq [RLEP 50 / 12inch]
Q'hey "The 6th Porn Cut" Pornographic Recordings [PORNO 006 / 12inch]
Q'hey "Sound + Vision EP" Moon Age [MAR 006 / 12inch]
Q'hey "Reboot Remixes EP" Moon Age [MAR 004 / 12inch]
Q'hey "Reboot EP" Moon Age [MAR 002 / 12inch]
Q'hey "In The Edge of No Control EP" Moon Age [MAR 001 / 12inch]
Q'hey "Synfunk" Deviant / Sony [12inch]


Jeff Mills "Where Light Ends - Q'hey Second Mission Mix" [U/M/A/A]
Technetium "Holzig - Q'hey Remix" [Torque]
Mintech "Apollo11 - Q'hey Remix" [Patterns]
Masa Ueda "Sprecher Verdammteres - Q'hey Remix" [Torque]
Orbital "Wonky - Q'hey Remix" [Promo / Orbital Official Soundcloud]
Genki Rockets "Maker - Child of Eden Remix" [PS3 / Xbox Game "Child of Eden"]
Genki Rockets "Star Line - Child of Eden Remix" [PS3 / Xbox Game "Child of Eden"]
Shin Nishimura "IP28 6SW" [Plus Records]
Kazu Kimura "Flash Back EP" [Plus records]
Futago Technologies "Bishamon Japanese Re:Release" [Futago Traxx]
Spiros Kaloumenos "Handle With Care" Rhythm Convert [RC 009 / 12inch]
Cristian Varela "The Japanese Remixes" Black Codes Experimental [ BCODES 006/ 12inch]
Takami "Ride Back - Q'hey Remix" Moon Age [MAR 007 / 12inch]
Yama+Oka "Excursion - Q'hey Remix" Moon Age [MAR 003 / 12inch]


Moon Age [Ageha, Tokyo]
Reboot [Eleven, Tokyo]
Bug Fix [Ageha, Tokyo]
Clash [Ageha, Tokyo]
Boost [Rockwest, Tokyo]
Teion Club [Joule, Osaka]


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